Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Deck Dad's Halls!

Adam is very serious about ornament placement! This is very important!
Apparently Sonja is too! She's gone astray..."the tree is that a way!"
Anelise is helping to put the candy cane reindeer on!
Hallie wanted to take a picture in front of the Christmas Train..way outside behind her!
Blake is always good to enjoy time with Grandpa! I really don't think there's anything Dad likes more than seeing his Grand kids!
I'm sure we're not posing! This looks like a really candid shot to me!
The Son In Laws spreading cheer around the walls!
Ryan is such a good support to Dad. We appreciate you Bro! XO

Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas season is here :)

Hello friends and family! Tis the season :) It's been almost a year since Dad's car accident. This has been quite the year. Huge sigh... Anyway, Dad is currently at Crossland Rehab Center in Sandy. The address of the care center is 575 E. 11000 S., Sandy, UT 84070. He'd love to see his friends and family, especially at this time of the year. So feel free to stop by :) He's slowly progressing and we're praying that he'll continue to get stronger and improve so that he can get to a more independant living situation. That's our hope and prayer. thanks for all the support that we've received this year. Merry Christmas & here's to an exceptional 2010!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

:( complications, rushed to the ER at IMC :(

Only one week at Garden Terrace, Kirby/Dad is back at I.M.C.Hospital. After being rushed to emergency last week, and spending a few days in I.C.U., IMC has stabilized our Dad and he is hopefully back on track to recovery. His blood pressure had dropped so dramatically last week that he was not coherent. He also had a high fever. He was acting delirious!...after many tests at the hospital, all symptions pointed to an infection. Others would have known they had an infection immediately, but due to the fact that Dad is paralyzed, he did not feel anything. It's hard for people, even nurses, to comprehend how fragile Kirby/Dad's life is right now. It's very difficult to regulate his blood pressure, body temperature, oxygen levels, vitals, and the list goes on and on...it's a daily challenge.
Now it is Tuesday. Dad was transferred back to Garden Terrace last night. His Doctors and charge nurses sent more procautionary measures for the skilled nursing facility to follow. This has been a set-back for Dad, but he is a fighter and says that "this too shall pass". His spirits have been lower than usual, but with all of our help, we will rise to the occasion once again...cheering and lifting him up!! I bought him a new cell. phone yesterday, but NO phone numbers are in it. When you go visit, please enter your phone number in his cell. phone directory for him. Let's all step up to the plate and bring a ray of sunshine to Kirby/Dad this week! :) xoxoxo SONJA

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Kirby's getting settled in at GARDEN TERRACE

On Monday, July 6, 2009, Dad transferred to Garden Terrace Skilled Nursing Facility in Salt Lake City, Utah. He is recovering from his right shoulder Rotater Cuff surgery. He will be at G.T. for several months. He is very optimistic, as always, and taking each day in strides. This new living arrangement is very beautiful and looks like it will be comfortable for Dad. It will be up to him to be vocally proactive in keeping a good vigorous schedule. We want to see Dad continue to progress and improve every week...range of motion, speech, voice, eating and breathing. We'd love to see Dad's pain in his shoulders and neck begin to become less aggitated and subside. This will all take time, but we each can reach out and help him in many ways: by stretching gently with him when we visit; helping him with pressure relief...rotating his position every 2 hours to prevent bed sores; helping him shave and brush his teeth; asking him what he needs or what we can communicate with the nurses regarding his care. Anyway, we do not want Dad to regress the way that he did at So. Davis...he was left alone, helpless, and unproductive for way too long each day, with little staff contact...therefore, regressing in his strides he'd made at IMC. So, during any of our visits in the future, I sincerely ask that each of us try a little harder to be more helpful to his progression while we're visiting Dad/Kirby. Here's to a great summer! Thank you so much for everything you all do!!! xoxoxoxo Sonja

Sunday, June 21, 2009

2 months later and still movin right along! ;)

Shout out to all the Fathers...HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!! Especially to my father...I love you DAD! Well, it's been a couple of months since I posted an update on this blog. Thanks for all of your calls...checking up on our dad:) He's at IMC right now and has had a few procedures done this past week. One of which was a right shoulder "manipulation". They sedated Dad and cranked the heck out of his shoulders and neck to break up calcium build-up, etc. With the hope that it would help with the lack of movement and especially pain in his shoulders and neck, but it's been a week and not much improvement in mobility or lessening of pain. So, Dad's Doctor is on vacation and in a week or so he is going to have to do major surgery on his shoulder rotator cuff. This is about a six month recovery :( Anyway, besides that, Dad has been on a couple of outings away from the hospital. First to the grocery store: he had to do everything on his own...gathering all of the ingredients to prepare his famous guacamole dip. He did awesome! Then he had to bring it all back to the hospital and prepare it. The nursing staff loved it and it was gone in a matter of minutes. Success!! Next, a couple of days ago, Dad cruised accross the street from IMC to TRAX and caught the train. He traveled up to the GATEWAY mall. He said that it was quite the adventure...the first time on trax or really "out on his own" in SIX MONTHS! Huge accomplishment! He got a shake and shopped gateway for a while. He was really excited that he was able to do this! Next week he wants to try to go out to dinner and to a movie. One baby step at a time, Dadio!! We're proud of you! Well, Dad will be at IMC for another 2 weeks and then off to another place...? Feel free to contact Dad by his cell phone. I bought him a "murse = man purse" to keep his cell phone and personal belongings in and attached to him for easy access. So, unless he's in therapy, he should be able to answer our calls:) Thanks for your friendship y'all!! xoxoxo Sonja

Monday, April 20, 2009

So. Davis Community Hospital in Bountiful

I've received a few calls wanting directions to this care center. For those I didn't reach back, here are the directions: Get off the 500 South Exit in Bountiful. Go East until 400 E. which is Orchard Drive. At that light turn left on Orchard and then make an immediate right into the hospital mini-parking lot. Dad is currently on the 2nd floor, but may move today to the 1st floor (individual instead of shared room) :) I'm waiting to hear back from the charge nurse today. I'll keep you posted on that. As for dad's condition...He has been pretty melancholy & somber since he moved out of I.M.C. It's hard when you're in such a great place with fantastic staff like IMC Rehab for 2 months; and you have a full schedule, keeping you very preoccupied and busy; and lots of friends, family, and staff rooting for you...literally cheering for you everyday. Then boom! just like that, you're moved against your will to a nursing home with a very "relaxed" minimal staff contact, a claustrophobic double room, and not very many visitors anymore... The reality of dad's injuries are setting in and unfortunately our worst days are yet ahead. He is still trying to remain positive, but his frusterations are understandable. Dad has recovered really well from the tracheotomy. He is eating soft foods and thickened juices now:) He is absolutely loving all the flavors!! He is receiving limited respiratory treatments :) And he's breathing really well on only 10% oxygen. His chest is recovering well and is all "clear" of infections. His voice is improving every day. He will be at this care center until atleast May 7 (whenever his chest and back brace is cleared for removal or deemed by the Back Doctor as unneccesary) We call it his "storm trooper jacket". lol ;). So, when that takes place, he will then be moved back to IMC Rehab for a couple weeks for intense therapy. Where he goes after that totally depends on his rehabilitation. We have yet to see how much Dad is going to improve and how "independent" he will become. Here's to hoping and praying for the best though!! Thank you to those of you who have been so supportive in your visits! We love you and appreciate you! xoxo Sonja